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Reading your radiology report
just got easier.

Report Translation
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Your radiology report in easy to understand terms.


Confusing radiology report? Get it translated. Fast.

Your Report Includes:

  • Easy-to-understand language

  • Diagrams and illustrations

  • Data on how common your results are

  • 24-48 hour turnaround!

How does it work?


You submit your radiology report and answer a few simple questions.


Our system prepares your customized report.


You receive your translated report in 48 hours.

How it work

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TranslateMyReport?
    TranslateMyReport helps translate the esoteric medical terms in a radiology report into language everyone can understand. Abnormal findings are explained in simple terms, and anatomy is illustrated and described. When available, we include data from established research studies to explain how common certain findings are.
  • How can TranslateMyReport help me?
    Radiology reports are typically written for other healthcare professionals to read, not patients. As such, they can be challenging to understand for patients. Sometimes it can be difficult to get an appointment with your healthcare provider, or your provider doesn’t have the time to explain all of the findings. Other times your provider may not have the tools or data to best explain the findings in your report. TranslateMyReport helps explain your findings and give context to their meaning.
  • Who is TranslateMyReport for?
    TranslateMyReport is for anyone who would like a radiology report explained in easy to understand terms. Our reports are helpful for patients looking for an explanation of their findings, or healthcare providers who want to provide supplemental material to their patients.
  • How can I trust TranslateMyReport?
    The content behind the reports was created and reviewed by physicians from premier healthcare institutions. Any data included in the report is from peer reviewed publications in top tier medical journals.
  • What types of radiology reports can TranslateMyReport help explain?
    TranslateMyReport can help you understand all types of reports prepared by a radiologist. This includes Xray, CT scan, and MRI.
  • How long does it take for TranslateMyReport to create my report?
    We aim to get you a comprehensive report within 1-2 business days.
  • Is my information kept private?
    Yes, TranslateMyReport keeps all of your information private and will never share it with any outside party.
  • Is my report medical advice?
    No, TranslateMyReport is educational material only. We help define the terms included in the radiology report, illustrate anatomy, and provide data from peer reviewed research. Any treatment decisions should be discussed with your healthcare provider.
  • Should I still discuss the original radiology report with my doctor?
    Yes, TranslateMyReport is not a substitute for your healthcare provider. It is very important to follow up with whomever originally ordered your imaging study.

Understand your report today.

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